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April 16, 2021

4/2/2021 9:03:00 AM
Iowa-Grant School Board race is crowded for two open seats

The race for two open seats on the Iowa-Grant school board will provide plenty of activity on April 6.
There are both candidates who filed papers for the seat and those who have filed as write-ins. Four are seeking the seat from Livingston vacated when Greg Anderson decided to not seek re-election and two are vieing for the seat vacated by Don Rider in Rewey.
Here are the bios and answers to questions from those who responded.MARY SCHAUFF
1. Please give an introduction as to who you are: Name, family status/children, education, current occupation, community service/public service
My name is Mary Schauff. I have been married to my husband Mitch for 12 years and we have 3 boys (Cole-5th grade, Blake-4th grade, and Grant-3rd grade). I am a 1996 graduate of Iowa-Grant High School. I graduated from UW-Platteville in 2000 with a Bachelor's Degree in Agri-Business and Animal Science. In 2005, I earned my Master's Degree in Counselor Education from UW-Platteville. I have been employed for the past 5 years as a school counselor at Neal Wilkins Early Learning Center in the Platteville School District. Prior to that, I was a school counselor for the Royall School District in Elroy, WI for 11 years. My family and I also operate a beef cow/calf operation with my parents, Bob and Elaine Bunker. I am a member of the Rewey United Methodist Church. I also help with our local 4H club, the Rewey Lucky Stars, of which my boys are members.
2. Why are you running for a position on the school board and what are your qualifications?
I strongly believe in giving back to your community, an example that has been set for me by my parents and grandparents. I believe our schools need to provide our young people with the academic skills to be successful while also instilling character traits such as respect, responsibility, and a strong work ethic. It is important that parents, educators, and community members set this example in our own lives and interactions with others. I believe my education background would be a valuable asset to the school board. I have experience working with a variety of people and listening to different perspectives and opinions.
3. What do you like about what is happening in the school district?
Prior to our move to Rewey in 2016, my husband and I lived in Reedsburg and our children were students in the Reedsburg School District. Although this was a positive experience, we both knew that we wanted our boys to be part of a smaller school atmosphere. The teachers and staff at Iowa-Grant are amazing. It is obvious that they care about their students and are able to get to know their students on a personal level. It is a good feeling when the librarian at IGEMS knows that Grant enjoys books about the military, the food service workers know that Blake loves broccoli, and Cole's 5th grade teacher talks with him about deer hunting. This is why I love Iowa-Grant!
4. What would you like to see changed/improved for the district?
One issue that is very important is for school districts to be financially responsible. I think it is critical to make sound investments for the future, while also utilizing available resources to their fullest extent. Another issue that I believe is key is moving forward in respect to our current pandemic. The loss of interactions has been difficult for everyone. It is critical from a mental health standpoint for our students to be involved in extra-curricular activities. Our schools are more successful when we have strong parent and community involvement in events that are happening at the school.
5. How would you work with fellow board members to ensure a quality education for students in the school district.
I know that school board members often face difficult decisions, but I will face these challenges with a positive, respectful attitude. I will do my best to listen to all sides of the issues and make decisions that will benefit the citizens of the Iowa-Grant School District. It would be an honor to receive your vote as a write-in candidate on April 6th. Thank you.
Mary Hirsch did not return a questionnaire. Here is her bio from the recent Panther Press
Meet Mary Hirsch (Area 5-Rewey)
Hello Panthers! I am Mary Hirsch, and I am running for the Rewey school board seat. My husband and I have lived in Rewey since 2006. We have 2 kids that attend Iowa Grant, a second grader and a fifth grader. In my spare time I coach my kids various sports and love to attend sporting events. I believe sports in school is important for many reasons, physical activity, building confidence, learning teamwork and so many more things, so I enjoy supporting all athletics!
I attended UW Platteville for both my bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and my master's degree in Engineering Management. I have worked for John Deere in Dubuque as an engineer since 2011, prior to that I worked 5 years for an Architectural Engineering firm designing commercial buildings. My experience as an engineer has allowed me to build project management skills, including project budgets, schedules, and milestones, become detail oriented while at the same time keeping in mind the larger picture. A school district and how it operates is a very complex system and understanding all the functions and people that make it successful and ensuring they have the needed resources is of utmost importance to me. Education in general is one of the most important things in life, and I believe Iowa Grant kids deserve the best. I also understand that traditional 4 year degrees are not for every child and I'm interested in ensuring we are meeting the needs of students who are not going to traditional 4 year schools, but are instead pursuing other avenues. I believe the students that attend Iowa Grant deserve the best we have to offer, and I would like to have a part in helping that happen.
Erin Reddy Wolff
1-Please give an introduction as to who you are: Name, family status/children, education, current occupation, community service/public service
Hello, Panthers! My name is Erin Reddy Wolff, and I am a proud candidate for the Area 4/Livingston seat on the Iowa-Grant School Board! I am a lifelong resident of Livingston, and my ex-husband and I are raising 3 children here. Our oldest, Ella, is a junior, Harrison is a freshman, and Weston is in 4th grade. In addition to being a proud graduate of the IG class of 1996, I am the daughter and niece of 7 IG graduates and granddaughter, great-granddaughter, etc of many graduates of Livingston High School. My roots truly run deep in the Livingston area.
I have earned two Bachelor's degrees - one in Community Health Education from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (December 2000) and another in elementary education from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville (May 2010). My second degree included 2 minors, in early childhood education and in special education inclusion. Because I had already earned my degree from UWL, I took all of the special education classes at the graduate level, which allowed me to dig in more deeply and create a better understanding of students with special education needs. My first job out of college was in early 2001 with the Grant County Health Department after writing and receiving a grant from Southwest Wisconsin Area Health Education Center (focused on rural health) to assess the needs of area families of Amish or Mennonite descent that might be provided through the health department.) Not long after that project was completed, a similar position opened up in the department as the coordinator of the tobacco control coalition. In April of 2001 Richland County hired me for a similar position, and I was fully employed! Around this time, a group of Southwest Wisconsin citizens focused on helping to encourage and facilitate leadership in area students came together and created the Southwest Wisconsin Youth Leadership Conference. The conference was coordinated and carried out by this small group for multiple years in local venues such as the campus at UWP and at Bethel Horizons and featured a wide variety of opportunities for students to learn more about themselves and about using their power as students and members of the community to create change.
Other types of community and public service in my past have been in a much more minor role - assisting my sister with planning the Livingston Easter Egg Hunt, as a board member of leadership groups on campus, and assisting with Iowa-Grant's annual Lions Club elementary eye screenings. I recently attended my first meeting of the 100+ Women Who Care SW WI Chapter and am looking forward to more, and I'm a supporting member of other area groups (Compounding Courage Community, Citizen Action of Wisconsin - Driftless Coop, and Southwest Wisconsin Behavioral Health Partnership - if they meet, the timing conflicts with other commitments, so I work on initiatives as possible.
I am currently a freelance artist, graphic designer, and knitting pattern designer; this is combined with being enrolled in a women's small-business course and a surface pattern design class to learn how to license my artwork to companies that produce products such as office supplies, fabrics, home decor, etc.
2-Why are you running for a position on the school board and what are your qualifications?
I am running for school board for a number of reasons. First, this is an excellent opportunity to give back to the community and the school that has provided me and my family with so many opportunities and so much support during difficult times. Our teachers, especially, have been important influences in our lives.
I am also running because of my experience, knowledge, skills, and extensive involvement with the district. After writing a grant to increase my job to full-time in Richland County in mid-2002, I unfortunately watched it be chipped away one day at a time as a result of the federal government's public health focus changing to bioterrorism and thus the reduction in grant money available for general public health, tobacco education, and highway traffic safety activities. After working for a child abuse prevention organization in Grant County for almost 2 years, my second child was born. My mother was still working for the district as the head bookkeeper, and she suggested that I apply to work at IG as a substitute teacher and substitute special education aide when he was about 3 months old. I was called to sub in November of 2006. After working 1-5 days a week during that school year, I decided to return to college to get my degree in education. Students are required to complete a certain number of volunteer hours, as well as a semester of pre-student teaching, all of which I was able to complete at IG. During my time in the classrooms with students of every age and ability level and across subjects, I was blessed by the expertise, advice, and modeling excellence in education provided by our teachers. I was also able to work as a substitute and tutor at St. Mary's School in Platteville and did my student teaching at Mineral Point. I bring all of this experience and education to my role as a potential school board member, which is not currently reflected by board members.
Another reason for my interest in the school board is based in my legislative advocacy and interest in making local policy decisions that best support the needs of all residents - students, parents, and community members who pay taxes but are no longer personally involved in the district. One area of particular concern is the level of funding that we receive in state funding, especially the decrease in special education funding. All students deserve to receive the education that is appropriate for their particular needs - whether they are more challenging work, assistance with an identified disability, support for mental health needs, and the most basic of tasks for those with severe cognitive disabilities. Of course, meeting those special needs is not cheap, and state reimbursement currently does not reach even the amount that was provided for schools back in 2006. Students who receive the assistance that they need are better able to graduate from our district and attend college or enter the job market with more self-confidence and better access to the coping skills that allow them to address their particular needs and be successful and productive members of the community.
3-What do you like about what is happening in the school district?
I believe that our teachers can be lined up against any other district of a similar size and be found as equal to or exceeding in the areas of qualifications, experience, and quality of practice. The new career exploration programming seems destined to assist our students in making informed decisions regarding their future careers and especially which higher education entities will best address their interests.
Our extracurricular programs and activities (including activities sponsored by the Parent-Teacher Club and the family connection group) help to create a sense of community and belonging among a widely-spaced citizenry.
4-What would you like to see changed/improved for the district?
It is an emerging problem rather than existing - we need to strengthen and expand mental-health support for our students and teachers. The pandemic has changed everything, including and especially for our middle- and high-school students. I would like to see the board, the guidance and special education departments, and others creating a strategy for a structured plan that can easily be put into place to provide coping skills and respond to crises more quickly and easily with everyone knowing what role they are to play.
We can always be creating innovative ways to involve parents in district activities and planning, and I would like to see more involvement of those residents of the district who no longer have students enrolled.
5-How would you work with fellow board members to ensure a quality education for students in the school district.
Just as I have successfully cooperated with the many people in various jobs, community organizations, school groups, and other opportunities for collaboration, I will use the following techniques to partner with fellow board members:
*getting to know each other as individuals, learning what is important to each, and why they have volunteered their valuable free time to the board
*using active listening skills to identify where any disagreements exist and to attempt to clarify commonalities in order to find compromise
*recognizing and having compassion for each other during difficult days or periods of time and offering support
*finding a way to come to agreements that do not equal anyone feeling like a loser or that there are "sides" to join. We can disagree without demonizing any person or ideas.
*always remembering that my purpose is to make the best possible choices for our students, our faculty and staff, our families, and our district as a whole. I will always keep that in the front of my mind as I learn, listen, discuss, and make decisions.
1-Please give an introduction as to who you are: Name, family status/children, education, current occupation, community service/public service
My name is Nate Freymiller. I am an alumni of Iowa-Grant and a long time resident. I am married to Michelle who is also an alumni of I-G, and we have 4 kids (Montanna-Junior, Nikolei-Freshman, DaCota-4th grade, and Chloe-Ann-2nd grade). I graduated from Iowa-Grant in 1997, went on to Southwest Tech and graduated in 1999 with a degree in Mechanical Design. I currently work for Wick Buildings, Inc. as a Construction Design Supervisor. I have been an active member of both the Rewey and the Livingston Fire Departments.
2-Why are you running for a position on the school board and what are your qualifications?
I am running for school board to help make sure that the district stays on the right path in ensuring our students get the best education that they can. I would like to understand more about how decisions are made and be able to help bring things to the board that may be overlooked at first. I would like to bring my experiences to the table to maybe bring a different viewpoint with them. Some of the qualifications that I bring with me are time management, being able to work with and see different points of view, being able to look at the whole picture and foresee issues before they become big issues.
3-What do you like about what is happening in the school district?
Iowa-Grant is a great school. I like how we have small class sizes that allow teachers to spend more time and identify students that may be struggling. Students benefit from getting more one-on-one time with teachers that they would not be able to get in some other schools with larger classes. I like how our special needs program is headed in the right direction. The opportunities that our special needs teachers and staff offer these students is very beneficial to everyone. I also love the technical advances that our school is making. Our society is moving into the technical world at lightening speed and our students having the opportunity to learn these things at a younger age is only going to benefit them in the future. Also, the opportunities that our high school age students are getting to be able to fulfill college credits while in high school is amazing.
4-What would you like to see changed/improved for the district?
Some things that I would like to see improved/changed within the district are: more involvement from the community, more discussion on topics, less one-sided surveys, and more communication. I would like to see more people become involved with the education of students and more support for the staff of the district, whether by having more parents volunteer or by the district making more opportunities for people be involved. I would also like to see more discussion done during the meetings that people who come to the meetings can see and not just have decisions already made and it be voted on without community members having the chance to give their opinions on these things. I would like to see surveys that are put out that allow people to comment more and not just given multiple choice that are all pretty much the same answer just worded differently. And as far as more communication, there needs to be more communication between the district, parents, and staff.
5-How would you work with fellow board members to ensure a quality education for students in the school district.
The most important thing that a school board can do is to work with each other. They have to be able to identify issues, discuss those issues, and be able to compromise on decisions pertaining to those issues. I am able and willing to do all of these things. I have experience in looking at the big picture and identifying issues that may come up. I am great at listening to others points of view and discussing what needs to be worked on. I do well with looking at all sides and finding the best compromise for the situation. Communication is key in any relationship and I believe that being able to work through problems by talking them out and getting all sides and opinions is the best way to do this. I have experience in working with all kinds of people and opinions.
1-Please give an introduction as to who you are: Name, family status/children, education, current occupation, community service/public service
My name is Reagan Collins. I am a WRITE-IN candidate for the Iowa-Grant School Board for Area 4 (Livingston) on April 6th.
I was born and raised in the Iowa-Grant School District, a graduate of 1996, daughter to Bruce and Linda Collins. I have resided here over 35 years of my life. I have funny, energetic 4th grade son, who is almost 10 years old and is proud to be a Panther!
I received my bachelor's degree from UW-Platteville in Criminal Justice and Psychology. I worked in corrections and adult rehabilitation programs in Dane County before returning to the Iowa-Grant District after accepting a position with a local county as a Child Abuse and Neglect and Juvenile Justice case manager.
For the last 7 years, I have been working as a consultant for a Grant county program serving developmentally and physically disabled and frail elder.
I belong to the Grant County CCOT (County Communities on Transition). CCOT members are a group of stakeholders committed to identifying barriers and solutions for youth with disabilities in the counties they serve by helping them explore employment, postsecondary education, and developing independent and self-advocacy skills. I have been committed to this committee for going on 6 years. I have also done some volunteer work locally at food pantries, including the Iowa County Food Pantry.
2-Why are you running for a position on the school board and what are your qualifications?
I am running for the board this year because I have always had a passion to help others and have their voices heard. I currently work in a program focused on person-centered thinking. I use the skills I have acquired to get to know others and discover what they find important and what they want out of life. This ensures we focus on what matters most to the people I support. This is an intricate skill that will carry over when working with a team of board members and district members. I value those strong core abilities and I continue be invested in them in my personal and professional life:
Ability to recognize different groups in the community and ensuring everyone has a voice
Ability to create strong ties and trust. This year has created a division in many communities. I want to send the message that my focus is to approach this position without judgement. Many see this, like other elections as political. In my opinion, a board member needs to remain neutral at all costs as they are listening and hearing suggestions and input from the community, teachers, and administration. They are working in the best interest of their district and there is no room for personal agenda. You must trust in a candidate willing to seek transparency and be mindful of the entire community.
Ability and willingness to put in the time. Who have you seen invested? Who has been actively listening at monthly board meetings? You want a member of the board willing to be present and represent you.
Ability to be influential and have knowledge of fiscal health so our taxpayers are confident that their dollars are being spent wisely.
Ability to recognize that education is the highest priority for our students, and it will have lasting affects on the future of our community.
I am confident my abilities will be effective assets as your next board member for this district and for the above reasons I am truly passionate about this election and my beliefs behind why I am running.
My career qualifications have provided me with great experiences if I am fortunate enough to serve on the Iowa-Grant School Board.
• I appreciate working with our youth, the challenges kids face, and the opportunities presented for them. I work with students in transition from high school to adulthood. Part of my job is identifying barriers and solutions for youth with disabilities by helping them explore employment, postsecondary education, and developing independent and self-advocacy skills.
• I understand fiscal responsibility. My job requires me to work with a predetermined budget and conduct financial planning. I regularly handle health and safety planning, maintain financial records, and support individuals with establishing backup planning.
• I recognize collaboration, communication, and accountability. Over the years, my work and life experiences prepared me to handle conflict resolution and problem solve effectively. It has helped me to develop positive interpersonal skills and given me insight and respect to diversity. It has made me dependable, responsible, and held me accountable to many.
3-What do you like about what is happening in the school district?
I couldn't be prouder to be a Panther! We are fortunate to be able to raise our children and reside in beautiful rural Iowa and Grant Counties. Families of generations upon generations continue to live here and come back and I believe that is because of the people and the relationships created. Our teachers are no exception to this. They have taken the ball and ran with it this year and came out on top. Our district staff have been caring and compassionate and transformed our school district into virtual learning with no previous training. The teachers have worked long days and nights to accommodate and ensure our children are getting the best possible education. They are dedicated and they are resilient on so many levels. They have done a tremendous job providing a safe environment, provided a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities when providing virtual learning, (which is something I've seen first-hand), and stayed the course through the unknown and endless hours of double duty. Additionally, due to our school size, we have been able to keep class sizes smaller which allows our teachers to provide more one on one instruction to the students and provide a safer learning environment.
The district is doing very well financially. The budget currently is being well-managed. Our most recent reportable District Report Card scores shows us well above average in District Growth and in the area of On-Track and Post-Secondary Readiness including attendance and graduation
rates significantly exceed expectations, including exceeding the State Score.
4-What would you like to see changed/improved for the district?
Though we do many things well, one can always strive for improvement. I would like to see our board and district continue to carry out their vision and a course of action mapped out for establishing and maintaining academic leadership, empowering staff, and providing opportunities for students to participate in a wider variety of extra-curricular activities encompassing areas such as arts, sports, and music.
I would like to see our administration prioritize on how we can better inform the public of the decisions being made and topics that arise at the school so we can regain community investment.
I would like to see a good balance in administration. I would like to see a foundation built on integrity. I would like to hear that the teachers' input is sought out regarding daily decision making, class sizes, rotating teacher assignments, committees, and continuing education. This is crucial with the hours they spend at the school teaching and caring for our children. Though I am confident they will always keep our children in their best interest, when we are able to exhibit good work ethics, hold each other accountable, be consistent yet supportive, ask for honest feedback, and have an open door policy, we feel heard and we feel recognized and we become more invested in what we do. We owe that to our teacher and staff.
5-How would you work with fellow board members to ensure a quality education for students in the school district.
I would have expectations of myself to unite with the current team of board members to learn by role and duties. I have a checklist of efforts to follow to ensure I am bringing forth my full self. This would include:
Following board policies and agreements and following all confidential guidelines
Get to know other board members in order to understand their perspectives and create trusting relationships
Engage in regular self-evaluation to ensure I am following the principles of an effective board and commit to personal and team development and training to build shared knowledge and improvement efforts
Be prepared for meetings and make efforts to be informed in order to make the meeting more productive for everyone
I would be honored to be an extension of the current team of board members working to fulfill obligations for our district. We are strong Panthers, when we stay united! I will support COMPROMISE and COLLABORATION to bring best possible outcomes to our district and would be honored to receive your vote as a WRITE-IN for Livingston on April 6th.
1-Please give an. introduction as to who you are: Name, family status/children, education, current occupation, community service/public service:
My name is Tim Lundell and I am very excited to be running as a write-in candidate for the open seat in Area 4/Livingston on the Iowa-Grant School Board.
My wife and I are both Iowa-Grant Alumni, choosing to raise our family in the Livingston area for the past 25 years. My wife has been employed with Lands' End for over 30 years as a senior paralegal. We have three children; Sydney (2020 IG graduate - now attending UW-Madison), Reid (IGHS junior) and Sam (IGEMS 7th grade).
I have been employed as a consultant for Energy Unlimited for 16 years. Energy Unlimited provides sawdust fired solid fuel furnaces for industrial dehydration systems across the United States and internationally. In my position I offer consulting services, provide pricing/quotes, obtain other 3rd party contractors, create project designs and work as a laborer. All this experience has provided me with a strong business acumen and the communication skills necessary to help run a business and collaborate with our customers.
In addition, my family and I enjoy running our registered beef cattle program and grain farm operations. Our family also participates in our local 4H club, Iowa County fair and FFA. I have been honored to serve on the Wisconsin Beef Improvement Association board for the last four years, including as Director of the Simmental breed, which has given me invaluable experience that would translate well to the roles and responsibility of the school board position.
2-Why are you running for a position on the school board and what are your qualifications?
This past year my oldest child graduated from high school and the process of watching her determine her next steps in life was incredibly eye opening. The years go by fast and to see how all the years of education, extracurriculars, other various opportunities and the basic foundation she had built all coming together to this point was a huge realization for me. It prompted me to want to be involved in continuing to make Iowa-Grant the best it can be in order for all children to be well positioned for whatever path they choose.
During my campaign, I have heard that parents and the community do not always feel their concerns are being heard. Our children only get some of these opportunities once and it is important for the concerns to be addressed. I feel that I am an approachable person and assure you that if you raise a concern, I will listen and promise to elevate those concerns for discussion. I understand that not everyone shares the exact same views but believe we all add our own perspective and need to be open minded and work together to see our children and community succeed.
I feel that my service on the Wisconsin Beef Improvement Association Board for the last four years, including as Director of the Simmental breed, has given me the strong qualifications and experience for the school board position. I have a well-established understanding for the role of a board member and the importance of working together to achieve common goals. I also believe that my work experience as a consultant has equipped me with the strong skills necessary to serve as a school board member in many ways, but primarily as they relate to issues such as budgeting and contracting.
In addition, as a father of three with children at different stages of their academic lives and involvement in various extracurricular activities over the years, I have had the opportunity to see firsthand many of the great accomplishments of the Iowa-Grant school district, as well as the issues and concerns facing our school, teachers and students. I have a strong background and understanding of these issues and the important responsibility and role the school board has in these matters. I know that the decisions are not always easy but feel strongly that I can add a valuable voice to the table.
3-What do you like about what is happening in the school district?
I think Iowa-Grant has done an amazing job of expanding the opportunities for high school upperclassmen to explore classes and offerings outside Iowa-Grant through its strong connection with Southwest Technical College and UW-Platteville, while also allowing work release for those students wanting to participate in apprenticeships or other work opportunities. Additionally, the more recent requirement of adding the Personal Finance class as a prerequisite for graduation is commendable, as all these opportunities better prepare students for success.
The staff and teachers at Iowa-Grant are top notch. This has been apparent many times throughout the years across all levels with my children, however maybe never more apparent as this past year with COVID, as teachers navigated new ways to teach. We personally had teachers dropping off textbooks at our house knowing that our internet service was spotty and the kids might benefit from having their books. We could overhear zoom calls where teachers were working so hard to keep the kids involved and engaged but also realized the very real concerns about their social and mental well-being during this time. They expanded their availability and accessibility for the children in unprecedented ways. These teachers were determined to do whatever it took, not only teach but make sure that the needs of every student were/and still are being met.
The community is also a huge part of what my family and I love about Iowa-Grant. The community support for the children and our school is phenomenal. When the class of 2020 wasn't sure if a graduation ceremony would take place, a parade was organized. Driving through each of the small towns/villages that make up Iowa-Grant to see the streets lined with past teachers, neighbors, business owners, family and friends - all out to support these kids cheering and waving their signs, shows what an amazing community we live in. It is for this reason, we chose to stay in the community and raise our children.
4-What would you like to see changed/improved for the district?
I believe Iowa-Grant has a great foundation and so much to be proud of. It is not my intent, if elected, to come in with a pre-conceived agenda of changes. I feel my role is to be a link between the school and the public and would want to learn from the other members and be the eyes and ears for the community, in order to help make decisions consistent with the visions and goals of the school. I would focus on what is best for the children while serving as a voice for the community and keeping in mind the taxpayers.
5-How would you work with fellow board members to ensure a quality education for students in the school district.
I would be committed to working in a productive manner with the other members towards a common goal of the success of the school and its students. I feel I am a very practical person who exercises sound judgement in my decision making. I believe all my experiences give me the qualifications needed to serve as the next Livingston/District 4 Iowa-Grant School Board member. I feel strongly that I will represent the community positively and would be honored if you would vote for me as a write-in candidate on April 6th.

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